Ray G. Butler

CEO at Butler Scientifics

Ray G. Butler

CEO at Butler Scientifics
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Software: that is the word that best describes me. My education, my skills, my professional experiences and my passion are closely related to software development projects.

Along my more than 15 years of professional career I acquired the experience and personal skills of an excellent Software Analyst, a Project Manager and ultimately a R&D Manager.

For the last 10 years, I have thrown myself into supporting scientific researchers around the world to discover more and better by developing software tools at the biotechnology and life sciences business.

Today I keep that passion channeled by the exciting startup project Butler Scientifics.

“Passionate about making life easier for people.”

Areas of expertise:

– Entrepreneurship.
– Lean Start-Up + Bootstrapping.
– Software Engineering.
– Data Science.
– Big data / Complex data analytics.
– Life Sciences software business.
– R&D and innovation management.
– Controlling budgets.
– On time delivery.
– Business development.
– Financial awareness.

Skill and core competencies:

– Naturally empathic to understand customer needs.
– Ability to engage across all levels/cultures.
– Accomplished communicator and skilled presenter.
– Innovative proactive problem-solver.
– Inspirational leader to get maximum efficiency and productivity.
– Vast senior level software engineering experience.
– Outstanding product development and profitable innovation management skills.
– Excellent knowledge of biotechnology and life sciences business.
– Multilingual: fluent in English and Spanish.